Stay in Your Land with Author, Broadcaster and Journalist, Joseph Battaglia

June 2019-128

Stay in Your Land

In this inspiring King Hero Interview with author, broadcaster and journalist, Joseph Battaglia and I talked about how to "stay in your land" and why it’s a place of rest rather than stress.

He says that if you’re where you’re supposed to be, in your land, energy flows naturally to you.

You serve the greatest, by doing what comes naturally.

It's Never Too Late

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to change -- even if you have to sacrifice some things to achieve what you want in the long run.

Who Has Loved You Into Existence?

Find out why Joseph asks, "Who has loved you into existence?" and why you should be with people unlike you.

The True Meaning of Sacrifice

To Joseph, sacrifice means letting go of what weighs you down. 

When you do things for others there’s so much joy, you feel better. Go after the things that make you feel good.

Go Outside of Yourself and Live Larger

When you get outside of yourself you live larger. When you do everything for yourself you get smaller. Humility makes a King valuable to his people.

What to do When you Get Attacked

Find out about recent attacks of me on social media, why I got called a Satanist, and what Joseph recommends to manage conflict. He says the universe is in harmony - you have to take it out of harmony to get into conflict and division. He says that in God’s economy there is no “them,” it’s always "us."

The Moral and Gender Crisis

Last, we talked about how to stay on track in a world that is rapidly losing its morals.

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