The True Nature of Pleasure - Interview With Author, James True

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Scratching The Surface of the Hedonist Archetype

Here's what author of the "Technology of Belief", James True and I talked about in this interview.

The relationship of smell to pleasure.

Find out exactly why the fragrance industry can capitalize on being associated with particular scents. Know why you should avoid chemical scents altogether, and how perfume is a sigil of the senses, claiming ownership over sense information.

The Judo move of illogically assuming responsibility for everything that happens to you.

While it's illogical to say you did it, even sometimes the worst abuse or circumstances, but it's an empowering Judo move that will powerfully position you to heal and get to a new place. 


Find out why an author says that words are getting in our way. James shows how telepathy is how we are already communicating, but don't realize. 

Sort out the technology of pleasure.

Learn the difference between dopamine, serotonin, chemical reactions and a state of pleasure. Find out how it relates to empathy, our ability to feel into another's inner experience. 

Find out the true nature of pleasure and the myth of pleasure addiction, and how guilt and fetish play a part.

Is there such thing as too much pleasure? June 2019-54.jpg

What are the real roots underneath the addictions, guilt and fetish that plagues much of humanity?

Pleasure is like a chord change, a release and a resolve.

Your body is always trying to help you.

Somatic dojo and the prana economy transaction - people who hate you are giving you the same amount of energy as the people who love you.

Empowering the inner Child/inner Reptile.

Find out why we all need trauma to become healed, whole and live a pleasureful life of gnosis, knowing God.

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