The Technology of Belief - King Hero Interview with James True


Why People Need to Stop Just Anything

In this King Hero interview, author of his latest of 3 books, the Technology of joao-silas-I_LgQ8JZFGE-unsplash.jpgBelief, James and I talked about how belief is the most valuable commodity there is. It's why people need to stop just anything.

A New "Dress" Every 20 Years

He shows how every 20 years the same Globalist Agenda wears a different “dress” to get people to subscribe to things with their belief without realizing it. He traces the use of this technology throughout history in America with the Civil War, in  the Kabbalah, and the Egyptian culture just to name a few.

Prana Economy and Answers to the Big Questions

James is an expert at asking big questions like “What is life, what is God, what is society?” and getting answers. He talks about how countries are not what we think we are. And how being unaware of the prana (life energy) economy keeps us in a state of blind empathy, cheapening our beliefs and causing us to give them away.

Polarizing Work is Good Work

A true King Hero, James’ work is very polarizing. In just 3 books with a 4th to come he has managed to get blocked, hated and shunned, risking everything for the truth. While it’s no small thing to endure the stress of personal attacks, by being bold like he is it’s also created a powerfully loyal audience of those, including myself, that recognize the gold of what he has to offer. See if he pisses you off.

daniel-h-tong-xBeid9r1paU-unsplash.jpgHow to Fend Off a Psychopath

In addition to that we talked about how to fend off a psychopath based on a recent experience of mine. We talked about how they use empathy jacking and how pride, honour and reputation make it possible.

What it Takes to Find Intimacy Today

We dove in with the current state of the Masculine and Feminine archetypes and what it takes to find intimacy in this prana economy we find ourselves in.

Why Family is So Painful to Grow Around

And for a finale we discussed why people won’t risk fulfilling their deep desire for authenticity and why family is so painful to grow into the authentic self around.

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