When Life Calls You to the Impossible

Sometimes women are the King Heroes in their world.

Because we live in unnatural times, there are a lot of women called to leadership by the King archetype.

It would be more natural for them to nurture their families in God’s paradise. But the family is the big casualty in this war we’re in. And in the midst of humanity’s crises they are instead shouldering great responsibility and taking risks well beyond the care of their own families and communities.

Responsibility is the true meaning of power.

Without taking responsibility, no one really has any power.

It doesn’t mean they are to blame for what goes wrong in their kingdom, it means they have placed themselves in servitude to their people and are prepared to take a radical role in creating solutions for others.

I used to say women should take over the world and as you may have heard, I take it all back. But when they are called to extraordinary healing and service then I want to make sure they are supported and recognized for what they do.

Susan Foster's Incredible Story

That’s why when I met Susan Foster and heard what’s she’s been through and is doing now in the name of helping others, I knew I needed to share her story with you.

Get the Kleenex handy.

In this King Hero interview...

In this King Hero interview we talked about what it’s like to escape a physically, emotionally and spiritually  abusive relationship with four kids in tow and lose more than everything in the process.

She bravely shares about the heart-breaking suicide of her youngest son and how high the cost of not allowing oneself to feel the pain of what they’ve been through really is.

It’s a miracle now how she’s turned that tragedy in her life into a beacon for helping others who are victim of abuse.

And the whole point of her taking the risk of telling her story is so that others can know how to deal (or not deal) with a “Charming Impossible”, the title of Susan’s upcoming book.

Here’s the video to watch.


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