King Hero Interview with Jeff Brown, Author and Enrealment Expert


Grounded Leadership

I know first hand the cost of having an ungrounded spirituality, it nearly cost me my life.

So it was really refreshing to find the work of Jeff Brown nearly a decade ago. He was a pioneer in the world of his self-coined movement called 'SoulShaping' that challenged the new age propaganda that has everyone vacating their bodies, their thoughts and their common sense.

In this King Hero interview we talked about...

  • When a writer has to write.
  • What a path of purpose is and how you know what that is for yourself.
  • What inclusivity means with respect to the Sacred Masculine and Feminine.
  • What’s natural vs what is, and how how to work with what’s unnatural, but is.
  • What a truly benevolent leader is.
  • How to be in the public eye, be genuinely related to thousands of people and have a following with grace.

Check out the interview now!

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