Heavy is the Crown - Interview with Huntsman

June 2019-89

Leadership is Lonely if You Do it Right

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 8.47.55 PM.pngI met Huntsman on Twitter because he was a member of AionMedia - a conglomeration of strong leaders that are committed to showing up Duty. When I chatted with him and heard what he was a stand for and was wise with experience about I knew I needed to interview him.

He's one of those King Hero's out there who isn't able to sit back and watch the world go to hell. He makes his life, whether it's business, family or virtual an act of courage, principle, morals and watching out for the greater good as a benevolent leader does.

In this conversation he calls me "Ma'am" several times. While I'm not worried about not getting it, or expecting it from him, I felt extremely seen and respected in this exchange. And this was just a bonus to the wealth of wisdom he shared.

Here are some of the things we talked about

The ethics of leadership and what shared and community based leadership can look like.

How to avoid being victim to the bottomless pit of power hunger.

Solutions for the raising of children and how to protect them from the rampant predation of them on this planet.

The difference between fathers' and a mothers' roles.

The truth about parenting with reward and punishment.

Clarity on the gender confusion that grows by the day and how to guide children who are subject to the propagation of that confusion.

The role of parents to make difficult decisions for kids and how we do a dis-service to bowing to their every desire.

You can connect with Huntsman on Twitter here: @Flyover_Country

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