A Life of Miraculous (Not Kidding) Adventure - Interview with Legendary Host, Filmmaker and World Changer, Freeman

June 2019-139

Check out this interview of legend, Freeman from FreemanTV.com In this King Hero interview we talked about:

  • His life of miraculous (not kidding) adventure.

  • Genetic memory and how it helped him follow his purpose.

  • What ‘Shock and Awe’ really means (the feminine force of God) and how it's been abused.

  • What it’s like to be carrying an unpopular message and lead the pack. #kinghero

  • How to use minimum input, to have maximum output.

  • And, the challenges and unexpected twists and turns of being valued and getting paid for your calling.

Watch it now!

Visit Freeman and subscribe to his weekly shows at www.freemantv.com

Where Are You Getting Lost on Your Miraculous Journey?

The bigger your calling the more difficult it is to answer.

I remember the day I saw my archetypes for the first time. I was sick with a stage 4 lymphoma and had been told I was not going to survive it.

Somehow I knew my archetypes held the keys to my survival.

But I wasn't fighting for my body anymore, I was fighting for my soul.

After months of working on my archetypes they came through in technicolour. What I saw daunted me, it made me recoil and with all my might attempt to back out. 

But it's a binding agreement, not with anyone but God and myself.

I'm writing a book about it, finally! 

You can sign up to get an advance copy, plus goodies along the way for being part of the creating process.

Click here to learn more about it.

And if you'd like to begin going deeper into your purpose to avoid the crash, or pick up the pieces from one that's already happened, you can get a free reading of where you are on the King Hero's Journey, here.


Gayle Dieleman

Awesome interview you two! Love it, love it...Alchemists ROCK!!!!

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Beth Martens

Aw thanks Gayle I so loved having this conversation with him!!! xoxo 

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