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Module 6: Raising the Bar / Setting Standards

Listen to the session recording from Module 6 above.

How to Know How Hard to Push Someone

Follow the assessment about the strength of their ego. A healthy or strong ego can take it more than a weak one can.


Why People Stay in the Comfort Zone

They don’t want to do the work.

They don’t think they can do something (have an “I can’t” belief).

They’re in denial about where things are headed.

They’re afraid of success and failure.



Why Will They Get Out of the Comfort Zone?

They stand to lose.

They stand to gain.

They are afraid.

They want their freedom more than anything. 

They have a purpose and a big reason why.



How To Help Them Out of the Comfort Zone

Bring their attention to their pain.

Hold their hand.

Help them release all of the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and programs that stand in the way of where they would rather be.

Help them vision and hold what they want in mind.

Help them set good goals.

Challenge their desire to take no risk. 

Help them manage risk.

Help them make decisions.

Help them take action steps that support their goals. 


To Help Someone Do Anything…

Helping them means help them let go of their thoughts, beliefs, feelings and programs that tell them they can’t.

That way they reclaim the energy they were using to suppress those thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and programs. 

Hold their hand while they do the hard thing.

What Does Holding Their Hand Mean?

Listening to them in their exact words and the meaning that they give them. 

Don’t analyze someone, listen to them in their own language.

For whatever comes up, be it in your client or yourself, be a loving presence.


Lead by example: 

If you want your clients to take risks, you take risks. 

If you want your clients to work through their emotional hurdles, you work through your emotional hurdles. 

If you want your clients to make big accomplishments, always be working on yours.

Click below to download the Module 6 pdf handout.

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