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Module 5: Key Coaching Questions

Listen to the session recording above.


Permission Based Coaching:

May I offer you some coaching about this?

Do you want to go deeper / keep going?


To Identify Specific Stuck Point:

What are you experiencing right now?

How does x make you feel? 


Stuck Points:

Could you give yourself permission to be stuck like that?

Could you let it be true?

What’s coming up for you right now?

What does that, or would that, mean for you?

Who would you have to be to accomplish x, y, z?

Is that thought / belief / feeling / program giving you energy or taking it away?

Could you let go of what’s taking your energy?

Is it helping you or holding you back?

Is it serving you to hold onto that?

Do you need to hold onto that anymore?


Getting the Wrong Results:

*Could you let go of trying to change the past?

How could you do that differently next time?

If you could just have what you want what would it be?

What outcome would you rather have? 

What would that situation look like if you assumed responsibility for the whole thing?

What would you do differently?

What’s the payoff for staying stuck? (What do you get to NOT be, do or have?)


About Story, Background and Details:

How do you feel about what you just shared?

Where in your body are you noticing it? (You can find the feeling in your body.)

What do you believe is true about yourself in all of that?

Do you need to hold onto that story anymore/ is it working for you?

What are you going to regret on your deathbed? (Things you regret right now.)


Making Decisions:

What is the outcome you’re looking for?

What are the reasons you want it, and the unconscious reasons you don’t?

What’s the most important thing to you (what do you value)?

What are you willing to compromise and what are you not?

How does that decision look from your deathbed?

What are you not willing to give up to make a shift?

What are you trying to prevent?

What’s the worst case scenario?


Resistance to Taking Action:

Why do you think you’re not doing it?

What does that action represent for you?

What would it mean about you if you took it?


Facing Failures / Rejection:

What are you making this mean about you?

What are you saying about yourself right now? or

What are you saying this means about you?

What does this mean about you?

What if this isn’t about you?

What does it remind you of in your past?

What is the story you are telling yourself?


Power Externally Attributed:

Did you create that fear / anger / pain etc. or did it create you?



Is it true, or does it just feel true? 

Is it really true?

Could you let go of what's not true?



Is that (thought, belief, feeling, situation) who you are? 

If it’s not you, could you let it go?


When Saying The Hard Thing (From Module 3):

I may be off base, but do you think x might be happening?

Is what you’re experiencing (within or without) a pattern?

Do you think a program is running?

Are there other areas of your life where you’ve had a similar experience?

Are you tired of it?

Is it working for you, or against you?

Could you let go of what’s working against you?


Boundaries (From Module 4):

May I interrupt?


*Rooted in Lester Levenson’s Work:

Could you want freedom more than anything?

Could you let go of wanting control, approval and/ or safety?

Could you let go of wanting?


What, if anything, stands in the way of you having your goal?

Could you let it go?

Why can’t you have/ do/ be what you want?


Deciding to Work with You:

Do you trust yourself to do the work?

What would you have to believe about yourself in order to make this investment in yourself?

What would you have to believe about me in order to invest?

What would you have to believe about this work in order to invest?

If money weren’t a question for you, is this something you would do for yourself?


To Ask Yourself:

Who am I?

Who am I being in this moment?

Am I giving or trying to get something?

If you still feel stuck, ask God to please show you how to help this person. 



Discover and let go of any thoughts, beliefs, feelings or programs that say you are NOT a coach. Use Module 5 questions to coach them with, where appropriate.

Click below to download the 3-page pdf handout, which includes Module 5 homework.

Module 5_ Principle 5 of 7-handout-with-homework.pdf


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