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Module 2: Lead Clients To Their Own Conclusions

Listen to the session recording from Module 2 above.


3 Requirements for Successfully Coaching Someone

1. They have self-responsibility.

2. They want their transformation more than you want their transformation.

3. They're looking for real change, not just a quick fix.

The 4 Reasons People Get Stuck in Lack

1. No decision.

2. No resolution.

3. No follow through.

4. Resistance.

The 5 Root Causes

1. Not enough information.

2. Heavily weighing emotions/triggers that lock them in the past.

3. Negative beliefs and patterns.

4. There's no reason why, no purpose for improvement.

5. Attachment and aversion.

6 Steps to Lead Clients To Their Own Conclusions

  1. Once they share with you where they are getting stuck, guide a client to turn inward towards the body, breath, thoughts, feelings, inner experience of any kind).

  2. Identify where in the 4 Reasons and the 5 Root Causes they are getting stuck (there can be multiples of both).

  3. Discover what's on "top".
  4. Help them systematically let go of the reasons and their causes in the order they come up

  5. Bring their attention to what clarity, levity, or new possibility for action may be there as a result of identifying and letting go of an obstacle. 

  6. Check back with them how they feel about the situation/problem/conflict/stuckness


Working with partners, identify which of the 4 Reasons People Get Stuck and the 5 Root Causes of a situation/problem/conflict/stuckness are at play.

Then go through the 5 Steps to Lead Clients to Their Own Conclusions until they feel like they reach a decision, a resolution, have the ability (and plan) to follow through, and or have got past their resistance.

The Benefit of Self-Responsibility

The audio below is a note on the benefit of self-responsibility.

Click below to download the Module 2 handout.


Click below to download the Coaching Grow Chart. 

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